Meet the Team


Designed and Engineered in the UK, since 1983.

Jan Ertner

Audio Design Consultant
Jan has 30 years of experience working in the audio industry. After finishing his degree in Electronics in Denmark, Jan moved to the UK where he has worked for Solid State Logic, QUAD Electroacoustics, and Mission and is now a consultant to IAG designing products primarily for Audiolab and QUAD.

Peter Comeau

Head of IAG Acoustic Design
In 1979, Peter co-founded Heybrook Hi-Fi to design and manufacture the multi-award-winning HB1 and classic HB2 loudspeakers. He joined Mission as Director of Acoustic Design in 1999. Peter re-joined Mission – now under the IAG ownership – in 2009, assuming overall acoustic design responsibility for all of the brands within the Group. With a deep respect for the history of these brands and the necessity to maintain each individual brand’s design integrity, Peter continues to design award-winning speakers at IAG’s research centers in Huntingdon, England, and Shenzhen, China.

Paul Carrigan

Test Development Manager
After gaining qualifications in analogue and digital electronics in the mid 90’s, and nearly 30 years in the audio industry, Paul joined IAG in early 2022. Paul brings with him experience in Manufacturing, Management, R&D, Customer Service and Product Test & Development. Paul leads IAG’s global design and production teams through New Product Introduction, ensuring early prototypes and pre-production samples meet the intended spec, and suggests improvements to both the design and test strategy to live up to Audiolab’s ever improving high standards.

Helven Ning

Manager, R&D Hi-Fi Electronics
Helven is an alumnus of Shandong University, where he majored in Electronic Information Science and Technology. With over 15 years of experience in the development and technical management of Hi-Fi Electronic products, Helven is deeply enthusiastic about pioneering Electronic technology, encompassing DACs, DSP, Hi-End streaming platforms, and more. He maintains close collaboration with the IAG factory, the Director of Acoustic Design, and the engineering teams stationed at the IAG UK.