Warranty Coverage

Audiolab warrants its products, subject to the following terms and conditions below, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Please carefully review the following terms before proceeding with your registration for the audiolab 3 year warranty.

Warranty Registration

  Online Registration

The three (3) year extended warranty is applicable to items purchased from Jan 1st 2021, onwards. Items purchased prior to this date are not eligible for this extended warranty service but are subject to statutory warranty claims and all applicable consumer rights.

To qualify for the extended 3 year warranty, you must register your product within ninety (90) calendar days from the date of purchase. Visit https://www.audiolab.co.uk/registration to complete your online registration. Items not registered online will have a Limited Warranty for one (1) year, or for the period of your country’s statutory warranty, whichever is longer.

Warranty can only be offered to products registered with proof of purchase with date, model and details of the authorised dealer clearly stated on the receipt/invoice. Please keep the original receipt/invoice in case it is required for a warranty claim.

This Limited Warranty is non-transferable and is offered exclusively to the original owner.

This Limited Warranty is valid only in the original country of purchase.

Repairs or replacements are provided under this warranty are the exclusive remedy of the consumer. Audiolab shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any expenses or implied warranty with any product. Except to the extent prohibited by law, this warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties whatsoever, both expressed and implied, including but not limited to the warrant of merchantability and fitness for practical purpose.

This warranty provides benefits that are additional to and do not affect your statutory consumer rights.

This Limited Warranty offer is subject to correct information being submitted in your application. Incorrect dates or mismatched purchase receipt dates that are outside of the warranty terms will immediately invalidate any warranty claim.

* Please check with your dealer local distributor for further information.

** Exclusions apply. Only models included in the option for registration are subject to the 3-year extended warranty programme. Your statutory rights are not affected.

We reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions of this warranty. All warranty offers are subject to the latest terms. All and any updates will be applied to the Terms and Conditions on this page.




The following items are excluded from the Audiolab warranty:

Normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage (including but not limited to any wear from reasonable use, environmental deterioration or neglect).

Products on which the serial number has been removed, altered or otherwise made illegible.

Products not purchased from an authorised Audiolab dealer.

Products that were not new at the time of original purchase.

Products sold ‘as is’, ‘as seen’ or ‘with faults’.

Product not purchased from an Authorised Dealer/Distributor within the region of the claim (ie parallel imports or grey market products).

Accidental damage or faults caused by commercial use, acts of God, incorrect installation, incorrect connection, incorrect packaging, misuse or careless operation or handling which is not in accordance with the user instructions.

Equipment that has been operated in conjunction with unsuitable, inappropriate or faulty apparatus.

Repairs, alterations or modifications carried out by parties other than Audiolab or its authorised service partners.

Damage in transit that cannot be attributable to the fault of Audiolab, the authorised distributor or dealer (ie. claims otherwise covered by transit insurance.)

Faults relating to abnormal or inappropriate power supply voltage or power surges.

Faults relating to extremities in temperature, exposure to heat, water or other liquids, insects, excessive moisture, sand, chemicals, battery leakage or any other contaminants.

Any force majeure events, including but not limited to any acts of God, fire, lightning, typhoon, storm, earthquake, hurricane, natural disaster, tsunami, flood, war, riot, public disturbance.

Any other causes beyond the reasonable control of either Audiolab and its Authorised Distributor.

Please note items purchased before 1st Jan 2021 are not eligible for the extended warranty claim.

Please note certain models are not included in the extended warranty programme. Please contact us for any questions relating to excluded models. Your statutory rights are not affected. 

  How to Claim


To obtain warranty service please contact the authorised dealer from which you purchased this product and present the limited warranty certificate offered upon registration of your product’s extended warranty offer.

Do not dispatch goods without the prior agreement of the dealer distributor or authorised service centre.

If asked to return products for inspection and or repair, please pack carefully preferably in the original carton or packaging affording an equal degree of protection and returned via insured, trackable courier service.

The authorised dealer or distributor will offer full return details and instructions. However, please note if unsuitable packaging is used the warranty may be deemed void due to improper action in return.

Audiolab or the authorised distributor, dealer or service centre may make a charge for the supply of new packaging for the return of the repaired item. Please note, insurance is recommended as goods are returned at the owner’s risk. Authorised distributors or service centres cannot be held liable for loss or damage in transit. insurance and freight charges on the return journey will be paid for by Audiolab, authorised dealer, distributor or service centre if corrective work proves to be necessary.

In the event of ‘no-fault found’ or ‘no repair necessary,’ the return shipping charge will be the responsibility of the owner.



All repairs will be carried out by the appointed distributor (or locally appointed service centre). Repairs handled or processed without authorisation or approval of the appointed representative will be excluded from this limited warranty. Please note, Audiolab is not able to supply parts or replacement items to any other entity than the official distributor or authorised service centre.
Other than the warranty and services set out in this warranty, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Audiolab shall not be liable to you and/or any third party or entity whatsoever for:

Any loss, damages and/or malfunction caused to any product(s) which is/are connected to any of the products covered by this warranty.

Any damages, loss and liability, whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential special, punitive or otherwise, howsoever caused by, arising out of or otherwise, in relation to the installation, delivery, use, service, repair, replacement and/or maintenance of the product;

Any damages, loss and liability under this warranty in respect of any act, omission, or negligence of any of their technicians, employees, agents, representatives or independent contractors relating to the actual or purported performance of any of the obligations under this warranty.