M-DAC+ Launch at Headroom 2016

The Audiolab M-DAC+ officially launches at Headroom 2016! We've been fairly quiet on the launch of this exciting product, and with lots of buzz online we will be setting the record straight at this event! We hope you can all attend to see and hear M-DAC+ in the flesh, but for those who can't we will be releasing online information in due course.

M-DAC+ enhances the performance of the original M-DAC in so many ways. Now capable of 32bit/384kHz for USB input, M-DAC+ can also link directly to your apple devices output to make the most of all your stored music via an A-type USB cable.

If you’re a fan of DSD audio, M-DAC+ even encompasses that format too. And with its choice of 3 different decoding filters for DSD audio and 7 filters for PCM audio, you can select the right filter to get the best performance from each source right from the comfort of your listening seat.

In addition, Audiolab’s engineers have dug into the depths of the digital decoding capabilities of the Sabre 32-bit DAC that is at the heart of M-DAC+, extracting every ounce of musical detail and displaying it in a stunningly realistic, rich and believable 3D acoustic. Re-engineered electronics include a new internal power supply, increasing the stability of audio performance with further reduced noise.It's styling is also in keeping with the all-new 8300 series and a perfect companion for the 8300A or to be used with 2 x 8300MBs.

The full release information of M-DAC+ will be launched at Headroom 2016, so make sure you are in attendance!

Headroom is the UK's largest demonstration of headphones, in January 2016. Join us in London to demonstrate headphone technology from entry level to high end.  Perfect for those who are interested in portable audio or looking to be introduced to the newest technology in the industry.


Friday 29th of January

Saturday 30th of January


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