What is DSD?


DSD, or Direct-Stream Digital, is a name trademarked by Sony and Phillips for thier technique of digitally recreating audible signals for the Super Audio CD.  Using pulse-density modulation encoding, DSD stores audio signals on digital storage media used for the SACD.  SACD audio is stored DSD which functions differently from PCM, which is used by compact discs or conventional computer audio. DSD creates a far superior sound to CD, allowing the consumer to sample music digitally. The sampling frequency on DSD is 64 times more frequent than the 44,100 times per second of a regular CD.

Audiolab's 8300 CD improves upon is predecessor in key areas, delivering even better performance as both a CD player and a DAC/preamp for external digital sources.  Built around the peerless ESS Sabre DAC, the 8300CD add DSD compatibility via USB making it the ideal system for the modern acoustic listener.  You are able to enjoy the highest quality and precise sound through Audiolab's 8300 Series.

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