Audiolab M-One gets itself an 'outstanding' review from Hi-Fi World

There's more great news from IAG in the latest issue of specialist audiophile publication Hi-Fi World  an outstanding review of the Audiolab M-ONE!

The review culminates in the magazine's maximum 'five-globe' rating which signifies the M-ONE's "outstanding" performance, and also earns the additional ‘£’ sign that denotes excellent value for money. The M-ONE also features on the magazine's front cover.

Known widely in the UK as the magazine for serious hi-fi hobbyists, Hi-Fi World is run by a team renowned for their long involvement in the audio industry. Edited and published by veteran hi-fi scribe Noel Keywood, the magazine offers an imperssively broad and knowledgeable view and boasts a dedicated monthly readership of some 25.000 committed enthusiasts

Read more in the forthcoming December issue of Hi-Fi World Magazine